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My Story


journey to sovereignty

Freedom is one of my most sacred values. I am an aquarius sun and require my life to be in harmony with what I truly believe to be real. Which for me is the earth beneath my feet, the plants swirling in their own dance, the stars sparkling, spring water flowing from the mountain womb, children playing, humans loving each other, and the inner landscapes of dark underworlds, bright colorful geometric patterns, cosmic exploration and the complex feelings of my soul.

I believe in a great cosmic rebirth that is happening on earth. As a collective, we are experiencing the break down of old structures and the clearing away of old beliefs. At times it feels like too much, but this process is necessary for us to create a new world, created in harmony with Spirit and nature, which in essence is what we all are.

I weave my passions of birth, earth medicine, ceremony and Spiritual teachings to create this entity called my ‘business,’ but which is really my creation of myself, sharing it with the world. I am a multidimensional being, as we all are, and my offerings are multidimensional as well, complex and intricately . I am a medicine woman, an earth child, a mother and a teacher. I create vibrational stone elixirs to awaken you to your soul, play with the fairies and elementals on my land, care for three beautiful children and transmit my channeled teachings in a multitude of ways.

I have been intimately connected to the plants and the stones since I was a young child. I would sit in my yard full of clover, fully enchanted by the beings of the plant. I stirred witches brews in barrels of sawdust and water and played with the stones that I collected. I felt at one with the entities of the earth.

When I was young my favorite movie was Fern Gully, the part where Christa learns to open the flowers with her own inner magic struck my heart, and today I feel my purpose is to find my inner magic to open flowers. In fact, this message comes strong to me whenever I am searching for the essence of my medicine gifts. Ultimately I am blossoming, opening flowers, and guiding others to open their flowers. And what I have learned is that to find your magic to open your flowers, you first have to soften and deepen into the underground, into the dark earth, to ignite the seed and nurture the roots. This is the essence of my work.

I began creating plant medicines around age 22. No teacher in sight, only a book and my own inner knowing. That is kinda how I roll . . . .

For years I created tinctures, vinegars, salves and teas, ate wild plants, sang to them and felt one with them again. When I discovered the art of creating essences, my soul came alive and the nectar of the sweet excitement trickled out.

My initiation into being Mother is what really awakened me to my path. Pregnancy awakened me to the intuitive wisdom that I held inside. The process of birth cracked me open and connected me with my power. And the forever continuing postpartum, or the raising of children, leads me on the path of clearing out old programming of destructive cultural conditioning and reclaiming my sovereignty to raise the new earth children, who contain the crystalline frequencies of a harmonious earth. This is the integration process, integrating into wholeness.

During my third pregnancy, I was led to create a potent vibrational stone medicine line, La CREATRIX Elixirs, after completing Sarah Thomas’ Stone Medicine Course, a transmission of ancient taoist teachings. My medicines are supportive of the woman desiring to blossom into her awareness of the Creation Process, activating the light codes within the DNA to move closer and closer to her true nature.

My work supports women who are journeying on the path of being initiated as mothers and those who already are mothers desiring. I work as a doula and educator, teaching women how to work with the stones frequencies to unlock their own frequencies to nurture their Self & baby and claim their power.

My work also speaks to those on their medicine path who are not yet mothers or have chosen not to be mothers, but still know they are deep in the processes of gestation, birth and integration as a powerful woman Creatress.

I guide those who desire to dig deep within the underworld of their psyche, dive deep within the waters of their emotions and fly to the stars with what they uncover, connecting their inner medicine to the needs of the outer world, discovering their shimmering treasures within and creating beauty from their scars.

thank you for witnessing me, here on my journey of blossoming.

Rainbow Heart Blessings ~

AnnA featherweaver

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