When I was in the seedling stages of my business, there was a phase of deep confusion, unsure how to move forward . . . because I did not know the NAME.

Naming is an important aspect of awakening the essence of something, of bringing it to life in a way. To name something is an act of claiming. Naming deserves patience, thoughtfulness and respect. And it also requires deep listening.

It was a months long journey to name my business. It felt excruciating, as I wanted to get on with it and begin the excitement of reaching people and showing people what I created. But instead of rushing it I sat with it. And I listened. And I heard the word that arose during my doula training years before. I had had a vision during the training of a group of women, trained to be of service to women in the process of birth, the greatest, most transformative experience a human can have. These women were medicine women, and they were called the Serpentines, from an ancient time, and simultaneously a time of the near future. The vision was strong, I can still recall the living details.

While in meditation for the name of my website/business, I heard Serpentine again. I said no, as my little mind felt it was too big and too abstract of a name. I kept listening and nothing else came.

Then, one night, I received a dream. One of the potent ones that feel crisp and clear and like you are receiving an important download. It was a scene of many, many tree stumps. Cut down. Massacred. There was a disruptive masculine energy and humans in male bodies were around, obviously the ones who cut down the trees, with a complete disregard of the sacredness of the living tissues of the tress. As I felt the grief and the loss of all the trees, a magical effervescence filled the air. In the dream, the trees began to take form again and grow, and what I was viewing was the map of the trees re-growth. It was similar to the kabbalah maps of the tree of life, the same patterning. The trees grew back into complete form and there was one word that I saw on the tree of life created in front of me. The word was Serpentine.

When I awoke, I knew that it was my mission to claim the name Serpentine. Even though it felt too big, as things often do when you are aligned with your souls mission, I knew it was the only name that would allow my teachings and my message to grow into what it will become.

So here I am, Serpentine MaMa. Claiming my Mission and creating my destiny step by step.

serpentine drawing.jpg