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Your Medicine Gifts are waiting


my journey began in the dark night of the soul. From there I dove deep into the earth, and in that journey I dove deep into myself.

And there I found my medicine.

Within the caverns of my own being were the treasures I was seeking. It was a long journey of seeking, feeling deeply a loss that is unexplainable. I felt so far from feeling at home with my own self. I desired to be a healer so badly. Somewhere within me I knew I had gifts to share. But I could not find them. My access was blocked by my own self doubt. I did not believe in my medicine. Therefore, my medicine remained hidden inside.

I looked to the earth. I reached out to the earth for love. for support. for guidance. And there I found myself. Within nature, I found MY nature. And through a process of patience, listening, discerning, practicing and claiming, I learned how to clear the blocked channels and access my medicine gifts.

Your medicine gifts are the treasures that you hold deep within your magical being. Like a cave of crystals, you contain a brilliant, shimmering and unique medicine that is your healing power.

For you see, you are a healer too, a powerful healer, you just may not have found your medicine yet. Why have you not found your medicine yet? Because it is a journey through the darkest shadows within you, the shadows that are hiding your treasure. It is a journey through your doubts, your fears, your confusion. It is a journey into your wild nature, that shows you your medicine.

And once you have reclaimed your medicine gifts, you discover you have the power of healing within you! To become your own healer is a magical process in itself. To be a healer means you are spinning and weaving the web of remembering your true nature. To be a healer is to listen to your body, listen to your mind, listen to your feelings, and listen to the world around you and know what you require to harmonize your being.

This is the path of the Intuitive Medicine Woman.

If you desire to clear the way to connect with your intuitive gifts and your inner medicine, this program is for you. If you desire to be your own Medicine Woman, this program is for you. If you yearn for a deeper relationship with the natural world, the realms of the etheric and with your inner being, this program is for you.

Join me in a 9 moon cycle slow learning, self study Program into the Heart of the Earth to find the heart of your medicine. Become your own healer and step into your unique and beautiful service.

the first cycle begins in March of 2020, an important year of claiming your medicine gifts, as the earth requires our service more than ever, and she is ready for your medicine to shine!

The Earth Woman Medicine Journey has provided incredible amounts of information on many levels and each lesson always seems to perfectly coincide with what’s happening with me in my own life at the time. I appreciate Anna’s intellectual nature and her wise heart as she has paid careful attention to and expressed love for everything she teaches and shares. This is an experience not to miss. Your soul and spirit will thank you for it! ~ Morgan


Desire an in-person experience to journey with a small, intimate group of women? Find out about the Serpentine Earth Medicine Apprenticeship Program!


the Earth woman Medicine Journey takes you deep into the veins of the earth to explore the feminine way of Intuitive wisdom, the feminine power of conscious creation and the Initiatory activation of your precious medicine.

Held within this unique &

essential online program : :

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Earth Ritual & Ceremony

Learn how to tap into your inner creativity and intuitive wisdom to create personal rituals and ceremony. Practice the art of giving offerings to the earth, the plants, the ancestors and Spirit to nourish a harmonized relationship with the other world.

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Medicine Creation

Learn to create your own plant & stone medicines. Guided instructions on how to make tinctures, vinegars, infused oils, salves, infusions, syrups and flower, crystal & spirit essences

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The Wild Within

Reweave your intimacy between the wildness of the natural world and your true wild nature. Explore what it means to be wild, what it means to be human, what it means to be woman, and what it means to be an embodied being on earth.

Plants, Stones & the Elementals

Meeting the earth’s medicine gifts. Plant and stone monographs, teachings on the elements of nature and the journey to cultivating relationship with your medicine. You will explore in depth 2 plants and 2 stones each moon cycle. Visit the Syllabus to find out what plants & stones will be covered.

Shadow Work & the Moon

Practices & teachings to honor the shadow, clear blockages, emotional and sexual imprints and the trauma of the feminine. Work with the Moon to reclaim the magic of the Womb. Each moon cycle you will go deeper into the mysteries of the Moon as well as a collection Emotion Code clearing, removing the trauma of the earth.

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Intuition, Magic & Spirit

Awaken your intuitive gifts, dance in your magic and practice the art of discernment. Your medicine gifts are within you, and spirit is guiding you. Learn how to listen, how to hear, and how to receive. You will explore divination tools and practices such as using a pendulum, muscle testing, tarot and more.


About ME, the Creatress ~

My name is AnnA featherweaver. I am my own teacher, my own magic, my own healer and my own guide. I have been playing with the earth’s medicine since I was a child, and consciously studying and practicing intimate relationship with the earth’s medicine for over 15 years. Through much trial and error, and putting into practice what I have studied in books, what I have learned from others, and most importantly, what I have observed in myself and the natural world, I have awakened to my own precious medicine gifts.

Intuitively guided, I live my life devoted to the path of the feminine, assisting in the activation, balancing and harmonizing of the earth’s dual energies to co-create a beautiful world for my children and future generations. I believe that each one of us has precious medicine within that only needs to be activated, and then can joyously be shared in service to other human beings, the earth and her creatures.

On my journey to awakening my medicine, I have fallen into the underworld, into the darkness, experiencing the depths of depression, the loneliness of separation and the terror of deteriorating health. Years of doubting my intuitive abilities combined with a fierce determination to believe in myself has led me to find clarity within the mystery of the world. I am excited to share the teachings I have learned on my journey to help you activate the power of your intuitive gifts, your medicine.

I do hope you join me. As the earth needs your medicine now!