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You are a powerful Creatress ~ all you require is to trust in your blossoming and claim your Medicine Gifts.

Every person on this earth is a unique soul, full of their True essence, containing their true nature.

You came to this earth complete with the medicine you require to serve your purpose, your medicine gifts.

When you begin to clear away the old programming that keeps you from believing in your own Creatress power, you begin to blossom into your own unique magic and awaken your intuition, claiming your medicine.


My Stone Elixir line, LA CREATRIX, accelerates the process of clearing away what is not serving and illuminating your truth so you can claim who you really are, your true nature that has been with you along, hidden beneath the heavy societal conditioning and the weeds of illusion.

Vibrational Medicine works with the waters of the earth and the waters of the body to activate the light codes within, waking you up and shimmering to you your inner beauty and gifts. Crystals and stones are the great awakeners and will guide you to shift your life into one of integrity and harmony with your truth.