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Personal Healing Sessions

Deep, transformative sessions drawing from the well of shadow work, ancestral, past life & childhood wound tending, light code activation and thought/emotion re-patterning, I work with you within the intuitive realm of the Crystalline Frequencies of your Higher Self to uncover your true nature and guide you to see the beauty of your unique essence.

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Sound & Stone

( ( Activating the crystalline frequencies to integrate all of you ) )

You are a vibrational being living in a sea of frequencies. All in existence, the seen and the unseen, exists as vibrational frequencies. A Creator Being, you contain all that exists within you. As Rumi says, ‘You are not a drop in the ocean. You are an entire ocean in one drop.’

In this way, the stones light up the frequencies in you that will activate your healing. It is already in you, the stones really just show you the way, activating the codes in your DNA, waking you up to more consciousness of your potential, and your gifts. Stones get deep, into the unconscious layers of the being, penetrating into places within that not much else can. Think of the depths of the earth where the glimmering stones lie buried. The stones help you unearth your glimmering treasures, within your soul matrix.

Blending the sounds of the shamanic rattle and drum, tuning forks and light language channeled through my own voice, sound & stone sessions clear away the stagnant and stuck and illuminate the path to self-healing.

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Emotion Code

( ( Clearing emotional blocks to create freedom & space ) )

As a human, you are an emotional being. Your emotions are gifts, messages speaking to you of your needs, desires, passions. Emotions can inform you of the direction to take in your life, of who to spend your time with and what work to pursue.

Most of us have become frozen, neglectful or confused in listening and understanding the messages of our emotions. Your emotions are meant to MOVE. However, most often, we hold onto an emotion, putting it into storage because we do not know how to move it through. This happens during trauma response, even in the most insignificant traumas. This creates stuck energy, and is how repeating patterns happen, those ‘lessons’ you thought you learned but keep coming up over and over.

Emotion Code is a simple technique to locate and clear trapped emotions to create space in your energetic field to finally have the freedom to experience the clear messages your emotions are delivering to you.

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( ( Uncovering the realm of the subconscious to guide you to your medicine ) )

Tarot is the language of the shadow-self, the archetypal collective and the deeply personal. Tarot cards are designed to speak in a language that speaks to the subconscious and the soul, spoken with images, symbols and colors. Tarot has the power to speak to you the truths you cannot see. Wiping the mirror clean to reveal what you yearn to hear, but cannot seem to find.

Tarot is a spiritual transmission of the archetypal journey that one encounters and engages in as a human being on earth. There is mystery and movement within the symbolic representations of the cards, creating a story that speaks to the receiver, speaks to their innate knowing and most primal nature. A wonderful way to explore the layers of yourself that you feel unsure how to access.

As I journey with you into the tarot cards, I open the realm of the imaginal and intuitive, allowing messages to come through that answer your deepest questions and curiosities. Within the imagery of the cards, lies a liminal space of information, waiting to be released.