Shakti Queen elixir

Shakti Queen elixir

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dancing in the tapestry of creation :: rose quartz, chrysocolla, emerald, watermelon tourmaline, kunzite & ladys mantle ::

The Shakti Queen embodies her full feminine presence, sitting on her throne, she calls to her beloved to shower her with love and compassion, for she knows she is worthy. With Shakti Queen a full heart opening takes place, with the warmth and nourishment and healing that manifests from authentically exploring the inner power of creation. a tonic for the heart ~

: : also a tonic for pregnancy, wonderful for the second trimester. This elixir opens your heart WIDE, opens your heart BIG, to prepare for the super heart opening expansion of loving your baby. In the second trimester your energy is beginning to be replenished and you feel more able to create the habits that will sustain the rest of your journey. Focus on the joy of creating and the beauty of your connection to your baby. You can also use this elixir in the third trimester, and once baby is born to support the heart center. ::

Rose quartz embraces with love, watermelon tourmaline is so rich and nourishes deeply, kunzite lovingly flings open the doors to the heart to connect to your higher self and spirit, emerald awakens the divine mother archetype to consciously journey on the path of mother creation, and chrysocolla symbolizes the process of transformation, where our traumas can become our beauty and power so that you feel whole, and confident on your journey in the matrix of creation. Lady's mantle is the gift of the chalice, the feminine counterpart of the divine, holding sacred the waters.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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