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Birth is the ultimate act of claiming your power as a woman. Birth leads you through the gateways of initiation, calling you to discover that you hold the secrets to creation. Labor is designed to move you through the process of transformation, taking you on a journey through your deepest fears and doubts and worries and showing you the strength and the courage that you contain. When a woman gives birth to a baby, she is also giving birth to herself as a Mother.

Birth has become extremely medicalized. And although sometimes necessary, when a woman’s labor process is interfered with, she looses her power and is not able to fully journey into the heart of the creative mysteries, leaving a woman feeling inadequate at being Mother. The treasures a woman gathers in the birth process bring a certain fulfillment that gifts a Mother with the tools she needs to mother her child and feel complete in herself. Preparing for your birth awakens within you the tools you will need to travel through labor and helps to lessen the need for outside intervention.

a Birth Portal Session combine a tarot reading with Emotion Code to reveal the subconscious fears surrounding your birth and what to focus on to overcome those fears as well as a clearing session.

The tarot reading is a 7 card reading to dive into your birth signature blueprint. This will allow you to understand your blocks, your fears and your own birth traumas that could affect your labor. The cards will also reveal practical methods of focus that you can use during labor to feel a greater sense of confidence to move through your fears.

Following the tarot reading is an Emotion Code Clearing. This locates the trapped emotions within the energetic body and through a simple process, releases them. The focus will be on specific blocks that will potentially trap the energy during birth. A smooth and successful labor is one where the energy can continue to move and flow, this is extremely important. By releasing the trapped emotions, space will be opened up to avoid too many powerful blocks during birth.

Please know that there will always be some blocks to work through during labor, as that is part of the process of transformation. However, with dedicated preparation through a Birth Portal Session you are giving yourself the gift of starting your labor process with a more rooted foundation and a clearer pathway to move through your journey.

There is an optional custom made elixir for an additional $27 (shipping included) or explore my Woman of Power Elixir Kit, created for the laboring woman to assist the journey through the birth portal.

This can be an in-person or video call session

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