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divine aura mists are created with the essences of my vibrational stone elixir, beautifully blended with organic plant hydrosols and tinctures. This gives the medicine a powerful multidimensional ability and creates a light, fresh fragrance that shifts the space of the body or a room into a frequency of light.

** please note which spray you desire! ** all are 4 oz clear frosted glass bottles

Beauty Way : chickweed hydrosol & tincture, essences of hematite, pink calcite, rose quartz, howlite, micah, wild yam

Shakti Queen : hibiscus & rose hydrosol, borage tincture, essences of emerald, chrysocolla, rose quartz, watermelon tourmaline, kunzite

INNER PRIESTESS : basil hydrosol, shatavari tincture, essences of labradorite, moonstone, blue fluorite, star sapphire, sodalite, periwinkle

EARTHBEAMS : lemongrass hydrosol, elderflower tincture, essences of rainbow & fire opal, rose quartz, herkimer diamond, trillium

COSMIC WOMAN : red clover hydrosol, queen anne’s lace tincture, essences of malachite, moldavite, kunzite, rhodocrosite, peridot, blue cohosh

OCEAN WOMAN : lavender hydrosol, violet tincture, essences of larimar, amethyst, ammonite, amazonite, black tourmaline, lavender

WILD WOMAN : cleaver hydrosol & tincture, essences of black kyanite, serpentine, shungite, ruby, fire opal, black cohosh

HEART MAMA : rose hydrosol, motherwort tincture, essences of green tourmaline, kunzite, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, rhodonite, motherwort

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