Earth Woman Medicine Journey

Earth Woman Medicine Journey


an online slow learning, self-study program in rhythm with the moon and the cycles of nature to awaken your intuitive medicine and become your own healer.

  • Plant & Stone Medicine Making

  • Trusting your intuition

  • Living with the Moon Cycles

  • Ceremony & Ritual

  • Energetics of the body, the earth and the plants and the stones

  • Shadow work and clearing techniques

  • Collective Emotion Code clearing the traumas of the feminine & the earth

  • self healing practices

  • claiming your wildness and your true nature

  • guided meditations and learning to meditate on your own

  • the magic of the earth and the magic of YOU

By enrolling now in my course, you will be supporting me in the creation process and you will have full access to the program in March 2020. You will have access for one year, and will be able to download the majority of the content to access for as long as you desire.

You will also receive my most popular elixir kit, the Woman of Power Collection that will be mailed to you.

Upon enrollment I will email you a confirmation, and will place you on an email list to keep you updated on the progress of the course and remind you of the release date(which will be March 24th).

Thank you, I am forever grateful. May many blessings flow to you from the well of love, beauty and abundance.

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