EarthBeams elixir

EarthBeams elixir

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aligned in rainbow light :: Rainbow opal, Mexican fire opal, rose quartz, herkimer diamond & trillium::

Earth Beams quite literally beams the earth’s rainbow light through us so that we can truly FeeL and embody our alignment to the earth. We have all chosen to experience life on earth, and it is easy to forget that we are intimately connected to the energetics of the earth. This elixir assists in aligning our movements, our actions and our intentions in an intimate connection to the earth. This elixir is especially suited for those who feel a deep calling to assist in ushering in the New Earth. We all are filled with this rainbow light, but now is the time for us to fully bring this light into our conscious, awake life.

::  for pregnancy (36 weeks & beyond) When in the final weeks of pregnancy, this elixir moves baby into alignment with your body to prepare for birth, allowing a more fluid and gentle labor and birth. **Opal is an extremely moving stone. Do not take this elixir until you are 36 weeks pregnant. You may also find this elixir helpful during labor to increase stamina and following birth to assist baby's transition to earth. I love this elixir as a spray to gently spray around baby's sweet nest, before and after birth.

Opal is a stone of great shimmering beauty and infinite depths. The rainbows opal creates are quite magical! Trillium balances the perfected trinity of creation.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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