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: : carnelian, garnet, hematite, rose quartz, rhodonite & ashwaganda : :

for being okay in the void, and then filling your holes with what you love!

when something is empty, it is waiting to be filled. when we become too full, we must empty out to make space to receive. Fill-Up Mama is an elixir to remind you that you are filled to the brim with goodness in your life. As a busy mom, or a new mom, it can be too easy to feel emptied and drained. The idea of 'who am I' is a big one when spending our energy caring for others so much of the time. The emptiness can be a literal emptiness, such as after birth or after menstruating, when the womb has emptied its contents, or it can be a spiritual emptiness, where you are desperately trying to find yourself within the chaos of Mothering. Fill-Up Mama reminds you that it is okay to be emptied, as this void is a natural state of being before new growth takes place. This elixir assists you to be okay in the emptiness, and to deeply explore what really fills you up.

Carnelian helps with the letting go process, allowing you to find acceptance and grounding in your new state. Hematite is the core of the earth, filling you to your core, and replenishing your iron. Rose quartz nourishes you on a heart level, nourishing you with love. Rhodonite fills holes, and will help you in finding ways to fill the void. Garnet is the stone of rich blood and soulful joy.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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