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: : rhodocrosite, kunzite, rose quartz, rhodonite, green tourmaline, motherwort : :

for anxiety, overwhelm, feeling burdened by worry and fear, to drop into the heart and feel more love

Anxiety comes in many forms, and is so common I will boldly say that all humans experience anxiety at times, especially in the modern way of life full of technology overwhelm, excessive expectations to do more & be more, and a disconnect from the ehaling powers of the natural world. Anxiety can bring physical symptoms such as shortness of breath and heart palpitations, but it can also be excessive worrying. And with all that Mothers are responsible for(the well being of another being!), the worry can creep in and create a feeling of anxiety. When you find yourself overcome with worry, unable to step out of destructive mental chatter, let Heart Mama bring you back into your heart space, to ground your Mothering experience in Love.

: : for postpartum ~ In the postpartum period, a woman's intuitive senses are heightened, to ensure that she is always aware of her baby, and the first to know if anything if 'off' so that she can respond to her babies needs. When we are tired, stressed, overwhelmed, and uncertain of our new role as mother, our intuition can come through in a depleted, deceptive, and confusing way, spiral into worry, doubt, and obsessive behaviors. These anxieties are especially high in our modern day society, where the new mother is usually alone, left to figure out things on her own, and without a constant flow of help and wisdom from the seasoned mothers in the community. Anxiety has become a very normal experience of postpartum, and self care is of utmost importance.

Heart Mama is a blend to calm the anxieties of the heart, bringing in more self-love to the mother, allowing her to enjoy the experience of her newborn. All of the stones in this blend are pink stones and vibrate with the heart chakra, and awaken self love. An invitation to step into the deep caverns of the heart, understanding more layers of who you are and finding more ways in your life to feel compassion for others and more importantly yourself. Motherwort is the plant added for protection of the Mother Heart which is so open and vulnerable after birth. This blend is calming to the high anxiety emotions of the heart and heart, assisting new mama to sink in fully and be present in every moment, even when things seem so hard. Love yourself, dear Mama.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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