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A Heart Wall is an energetic wall that the subconscious builds around the heart when hurt, wounded, confused, or neglected. It is built up of trapped emotions, that became stuck when one did not know how to process an emotional reaction to an experience. We are becoming emotionally masterful beings. And in that process, we must clear out the old patterns that are blocking us from truly experiencing our body and minds messages, which come in the form of emotions, feelings.

Once the Heart Wall is cleared, you can access the inner depths of the heart. The heart is the portal to your truth and higher wisdom. When the heart space is cleared, you gain access to the true depths of you. This opens the way for compassionate and loving connection with the Self and others. An open heart also creates a fluidity between giving and receiving, bridging the flow of abundance and thriving into your life.

To completely clear the Heart Wall usually takes 2-3 sessions. The price includes the number of sessions it takes to clear the heart wall as well as an integration session.

Heart Wall Clearings can happen in person or from a distance through video or email.

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