Stone Elixir Ceremony  /  Sunday, September 22nd 6:00pm-8:00pm

The Inner Priestess is the woman within who can connect you to your divine wisdom. She is the Woman of Power in Truth. She sees keenly and discerns sharply what is her truth and what is not her truth, and she uses this knowing wisely to stand up for her own Self and the justice of others. The Inner Priestess sees through with absolute clarity what does not serve her and can then be the gentle warrior to speak her truth and act in integrity and alignment with her Higher Self. In this alignment, her intuition flows through her being and her life becomes magick.

This is a Stone Elixir Ceremony, orchestrated with the Inner Priestess Elixir I created.

The Inner Priestess contains the crystalline essences of sodalite, moonstone, labradorite, blue fluorite, and star sapphire and the flower essence of periwinkle. The ceremony will include a living transmission of the stones frequencies and Inner Priestess archetype through ritual, discussion and journeying. You will receive an elixir to take home with you, included in the price.

This is an in-person ceremony in Marshall, NC located 30 minutes from Asheville, NC. You will receive directions to the event upon registration.

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