Inner Priestess elixir

Inner Priestess elixir

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the power of inner wisdom :: sodalite, moonstone, sapphire, blue fluorite, labradorite, periwinkle::

The Inner Priestess is she who knows, she who is so connected to the wisdom inside, she knows everything. And the Inner Priestess is so wise, she knows that wisdom is unique and changing, never static. It is a practice of continually checking in to connect to the intuitive knowing. Take this elixir to recommit to the clarity that your deep inner being Knows. You are wise beyond measure, and the stones in this elixir will remind you of your inner power and awaken your belief in your intuition. Stand in your truth, be in your power, release all that no longer serves your highest good, and awaken to the wise woman inside.

:: also a tonic for pregnancy, suited for the third trimester when the call for inner truth and holding true to your power is necessary to prepare for your divine birth.

Sodalite is the leading lady in this elixir, awakening the raw truth and power of the divine feminine.  Sodalite also helps to regulate the fluids in the body, which tend to accumulate in excess during the third trimester of pregnancy.  Moonstone is a stone of dreams and seeing the beauty in our inner truth, giving us guidance for our journey. Blue fluorite clears your third eye chakra, and sapphire connects you to your spiritual truth. Labradorite reflects your beautiful magic. Periwinkle is the twinkle of the stars in your eyes.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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