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an open session to discover what the physical, etheric and soul bodies are requiring for healing.

Maybe you have a lingering illness, ongoing symptoms, elusive symptoms. low-energy, not feeling well, digestive complaints.

Maybe you are struggling in your relationships. heart broken, conflicted, or confused.

Maybe you are unsure why you are not where you want to be financially or in a career you feel good about and successful in.

Maybe you feel as though your whole life is a mess and you are not sure what to focus on first.

Intuitive Sessions are open sessions that are led by your Higher Self. Working with the pendulum and connecting into the intuitive realm, I help you locate what your symptoms are inviting you to pay attention to, getting to the first layer of a problem so that it can find resolution and the lesson be completed. Every single symptom experienced is an invitation to learn a lesson, complete the lesson and move forward, the evolutionary path. Intuitive Sessions assist you in finding completion in the lessons that are most ‘up’ for you so you can clear the way for deeper exploration into your being.

In an Intuitive Session we can determine the emotional/mental pattern that is causing the issue and any herbs, crystals, flower essence, minerals and supplements and practices that will guide you to healing. With every session implementable action and clear understanding is presented.

$44/30 min session // $88/60 min session

recommended tinctures and essences available at additional cost

1 hour:
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