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a 5 card intuitive tarot reading read within the sacred container of the Medicine Wheel.

east / what is the spark that is desiring to be ignited, new growth to nurture

south / where is your anchor, how can you find your center, exploring boundaries

west / accessing your inner cave and connect in with intuition, what needs to be released

north / how are you being called to be in service, wisdom and where you are being directed

center / your essence

The circle layout of the Medicine Reading provides a gateway into a cycle in your life. Medicine Readings are beneficial at the beginning of a moon cycle(on the dark moon), or at times of transition when you are about to embark on a new cycle in your work, love, home or purpose in life.

Optional custom-blended stone elixir assists in anchoring the energies of the card reading into your cellular matrix.

with elixir:
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You may choose from the following four decks or have me intuitively choose for you

StarChild Tarot

MoonChild Tarot


She Wolfe