MILK MAMA elixir

MILK MAMA elixir

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: : selenite, peach moonstone, pearl, chiastolite, golden lemurian quartz & milky oats : :

The milky sustenance of nourishment. Milk IS the blood of the goddess, sustaining, nourishing, the manifestation of pure love. The milk of the Mama feeds the baby, providing LiFe. This milk is not only the milk from a Mother's breasts, but is the milk of the transferance of love, safety, and nurturing. In this elixir, milk is literally the milk a mother feeds her baby, and is also the metaphor of giving life through nourishment.

As a postpartum tonic, this elixir brings strength, abundance, and the belief in infinite supply to the breastfeeding mama. This elixir is also beneficial to the mama who is not breastfeeding, and desires to strengthen her relationship of nourishment with herself, and her baby.

**even if breastfeeding isn't working and you have chosen formula for your baby, this elixir can still nourish you, as mothers feed their babies in many, many ways, not only through our breast milk. 

Let the stones in Milk Mama flow their abundance through you, giving you the sweetness of the mothers milk.

Moonstone is the stone of the Mother Goddess, shimmering as the moon, and reflecting the wisdom of the Mother. Pearl symbolizes beauty and softness. Chiastolite unites at the center of the heart, connecting the sacredness to the mundane task of feeding yourself and your children. Selenite aligns the infinite flow of light. Golden lemurian teaches of the nature of giving and receiving. Milky oats is rich and full of milky goodness for you.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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