Morning Sickness can ruin the excitement and enjoyment of a pregnancy. The sensations of nausea and not being able to eat prevent a woman from caring for herself and her baby in the way she desires. I don’t believe pregnancy is supposed to be miserable. And I don’t believe women are meant to only feel like eating white bread and crackers in the first trimester of pregnancy. I do believe that many of the pregnancy complaints, including morning sickness, are a result of centuries and centuries of violence and injustice and hardship on women and it lives in our bodies, in our blood, in our bones and in our DNA. I am excited to share the techniques I have explored to hopefully relieve the dreaded morning sickness. I am not promising anything, that is why these sessions are priced very low, as right now this is experimental. There is no risk and no potential harm to you or baby with these techniques, and there will definitely be many benefits, even if you still experience morning sickness after the session. But, when you are so, so miserably sick, it is worth a try, right?

The session begins with Emotion Code, a process that clears trapped emotions from the energetic system. This releases blocked energy that is creating destructive cycles in the body, mind, and emotional patterns. The work I do with Emotion Code also releases ancestral and past life trauma that is still living within the body patterning, and as stated before, I believe most of women’s pregnancy ailments are a processing of the harsh past of a male dominated society. Emotion Code allows the processing to happen and be completed so you can move on. The Emotion Code process could also discover the hidden fears and worries that you hold about being pregnant, the ones deep in the subconscious that you are not even aware of.

I will also send you my Beauty Way elixir, included in the price of the session. This is the created I created for the first trimester of pregnancy to assist in making peace with morning sickness.

This session can be in-person or distant through video call.

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