MotherWomb elixir

MotherWomb elixir

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embodying the sacred mystery : : garnet, carnelian, carnelian, pink tourmaline, red raspberry leaf ::

juicy & nourishing. A gift to the blood. Circulating juicy love throughout the body. Held in the womb of the Mother, we are cared for.

:: a wonderful tonic for the menstrual cycle and for pregnancy to nourish the blood and awaken the inner child

Garnet awakens the blood, awakening life! a powerful nourisher to our blood, bringing juicy and sensual joy. When our cup is filled, the overflowing nourishment can be given in love to our baby. Pink tourmaline is the inner child stone, reminding us of the eternal love of our divine mother and divine father, and reminding baby of your eternal love. Red raspberry leaf is a tonic for the womb, toning and nourishing the muscles of the uterus. This elixir contains the essence of the tiny, silvery leaves unfurling at spring time.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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