NEW MAMA Collection

NEW MAMA Collection


The NEW MAMA Collection is a kit of plant & stone elixirs to support the woman in her journey through mothering. These elixirs are especially helpful to the postpartum mama as well as the Mother who is ready to become her New Self.

Being Mother is a great journey, full of the lessons of life. And the journey can so easily be draining and depleting if we do not care for ourselves, especially in these times of modern living with the overwhelming expectations, choices, and distractions. The NEW MAMA Collection lights up your cells, helping you to activate your high vibe Mama Magick so that you can experience Mothering at your highest potential. The stones take you to the core of your Mothering challenges, awakening the motivation, inspiration, wisdom and self-love in you to Mother from a place of peace, patience, joy and fulfillment.

NEW MAMA Collection includes : :  ((1/2 ounce bottles of five elixirs))

VITAL MAMA : lapis lazuli, epidote, citrine, prehnite, pearl, nettle

MILK MAMA : selenite, pearl, moonstone, chiastolite, milky oats

MOOD MAMA : blue kyanite, aquamarine, lepidolite, pyrite, howlite, skullcap

FILL-UP MAMA : carnelian, rose quartz, hematite, rhodonite, garnet, ashwaganda

HEART MAMA : kunzite, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, pink tourmaline, motherwort

Comes with an in-depth guide booklet

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