Tarot & Heart Wall Clearing

Tarot & Heart Wall Clearing


This deep dive session begins with a grounded tarot reading to see where you are at in your life, all the illusions aside. The tarot reading will give you an opportunity to understand the shadow that is holding you back that you cannot see, and the jewels that are already with you if you only pay attention and embrace your magic. A four card reading, symbolizing the past(what needs to be released), the present(what you are being invited to embrace), the future(where you have the potential to go if you stay on your path) and your essence that desires to be revealed to you.

Following the tarot session we will clear the first layers of the Heart Wall, the energetic wall of trapped emotions that the subconscious builds as a protective barrier around your heart. It is life changing to clear the stuck, stagnant energy around your heart, allowing you to feel your full Self, possibly for the first time. 

Heart Wall Clearings typically take 2-3 sessions, so the cost includes 2 more distance sessions to complete the clearing and allow integration.

You will be contacted upon purchase to schedule a session day/time. These are distant sessions, unless you happen to live near Asheville and desire an in-person session.

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