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Busy, busy, busy Mama!  I know I am!  I created this elixir when my life as Mother to two young ones and pregnant with my third, began to feel too much, too overwhelming, and as though I no longer had time to even enjoy being Mama. 

 In animal medicine, Turtle is the symbol for the earth, turtle embodies the qualities of being earth mama.  Turtle invites us to crawl into our shell for a bit, and spend time turning inward to nurture our thoughts and emotions, allowing us to tune-in to our true desires.  Turtle reminds us to slow down, and align our inner truth with our outer actions.  Turtle teaches us to listen to our Self, and to live from a space of moving with intention, letting go of outer expectations which no longer align with our inner truth.  Turtle grounds us to the earth, teaching us to connect with our children in a real moment to moment way.  Turtle asks us to shed all the distractions in our life, keeping us from enjoying the moments of being present with our children.  Thank you, turtle, thank you for your medicine, for your teachings~

Malachite assists in clearing out the subconscious mind, removing the distractions in your life to clearly connect to your core.  The beautiful patterns in malachite remind me of a turtle shell.  Malachite calls to us to surrender to the earth, trusting in the greater patterns of cycles and growth, in ourselves and the natural world.   Amber teaches us to find time to relax, hold on to the stuff that is important and not mind the rest. Amber brings to us the ability to embody patience, when it all seems too much.  Amber holds us in a sweet embrace of peace & calm.  Turquoise is a stone of the earth, and holds the deep hurts the earth and her people have experienced.  Because of this, turquoise assists us in healing these deep wounds, especially those that relate to the abuse and destruction of Mother Earth.  We can translate this into our own life of mothering, asking turquoise to heal the parts of the mother archetype in us that has been cracked, broken, and worn, and giving us the energy to be the mothers we desire for our children. 
Yellow opal nourishes our inner systems, our digestive organs and pathways, and provides the comfort and nourishment of a mother.  Yellow opal loves to mother the mother!  Yellow chrysoprase is a stone of softness, comfort, forgiveness, and peace, inviting us to hold nurturing space for ourselves and our children.

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