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You are Complete

: : bloodstone, obsidian, pink tourmaline, jade & angelica : :

The Whole Woman is satisfied with who she is, she is complete in her being. The Whole Woman contains the full spectrum and full circle of who she is, accepting all pieces. She is not looking outside of herself for comfort, or for approval, or even for love, for she knows that she is whole and has all she needs in her embrace of herself. The Whole Woman is an elixir to bring you back to your wholeness, and connect you to the essence of the truth that you are enough. Already. Just as you are.

:: In birth, the Whole Woman is the completion of birth to bring it all full circle. The Whole Woman has birthed her baby and is holding in her arms the perfect gift. The placenta has been released, and she is ready to close the circle, bringing it all to completion so she can begin her new journey of caring for her newborn. ::

**This elixir is also useful during the first few weeks postpartum, and beyond when bleeding feels out of balance, or if you experience feeling incomplete.

Bloodstone assists in cleansing ancestral programs that are no longer valuable. Obsidian powerfully absorbs fear and grief. Pink tourmaline connects you to the inner child, the one still living in the heart. Jade is the stone of completion, a cycle has been completed, and a new one is beginning. Motherwort tones the circulatory system.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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