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Summoning Courage

: : serpentine, black kyanite, ruby, fire opal, shungite & black cohosh : :

The Wild Woman lives in the thick forest, overgrown with the wild weeds and animals. The Wild Woman is chaotic, fierce, and uncontrollable. The Wild Woman is thriving! She has an abundance of sustenance to get her through the most challenging of times, and she will not submit to any attempt of dominion. The Wild Woman lives in each of us, and this elixir can bring her to the surface, awakening the untamed sorceress of the feminine soul.

:: In birth, the Wild Woman is called on at the time of transition, when a woman is stretched beyond her known capacity and it is only an act of fierce will that takes her to the other side to birth her child. ::

Serpentine powerfully connects the head and the heart, allowing for a smooth, direct flow of energy.  Black kyanite aligns your courageous heart with action. Ruby ignites a spark, while fire opal activates your timeless stamina. Shungite purifies out what is in the way. Black Cohosh shifts you out of negativity so you can step boldly into the wild divine of your soul.

1 fl oz glass tincture bottle filled with pure spring water to transmit the frequencies of the plants & stones and brandy to preserve

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