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Earth Woman Medicine Apprenticeship

A journey to becoming an intuitive medicine woman

March -December 2020

the earth is ready for your medicine


The Earth Woman Medicine Apprenticeship Program is an extension of the Earth Woman Medicine Online Program, weaving in-person and virtual gatherings to create an intimate community environment for you to explore your medicine. With the early spring buds, the apprenticeship begins, growing and forming until the transformation of the late fall death cycle. This program is designed for those who desire to go even deeper into their medicine in a community container to explore, share and inspire one another.

The Apprenticeship Program is an initiatory experience, activating the places and spaces within you that have been hidden away. These parts of you yearn to be seen and heard, honored and loved. Together, throughout the program we dive deep and explore the layers of the earths cosmic presence, as well as the multidimensional layers within yourself. The program moves with the cycles of 9 moons, beginning with the dark moon in March and ending with the dark moon in December. This program is a journey into the darkness of the earth, the darkness of the feminine and the darkness within you to emerge with the hidden light that was there all along. Your intuitive gifts will be found, activated and nurtured so that you can step confidently into the role of the modern medicine woman, the archetype of the healer.

The Program includes :

  • the complete Earth Woman Medicine Online Portal for self-study through each moon cycle, full of teachings, rituals and practices to guide you on your journey to awakening your medicine ( ( see syllabus ) )

  • 9 virtual gatherings, one each moon cycle on the first Monday of the month from 5:30-8:30pm EST. The virtual gathering will provide a space for apprentices to connect in and have a safe space to share your struggles, insights and joys of the process and express your heart. There will also be time for Q&A and an expanded teaching on the material.

  • 3 in-person weekends (Saturday+Sunday) at the Mother Sanctuary in Marshall, NC. You may commute both days or stay on the land and camp.

    • weekends : Saturdays 10:00am-5:00pm / Sundays 9:30am-3:30pm

      • May 2nd & 3rd

      • August 29th & 30th

      • November 14th &15th

  • A Sacred Medicine Bundle, lovingly created with stones, tools and medicines that you will use throughout the apprenticeship program

  • A Medicine Wheel Tarot Reading, each apprentice will receive a 5 card intuitive reading from me before the beginning of the program to gather an understanding of your individual purpose & dynamic mission of the 9 moon initiation process you will embark on in the apprenticeship


During the in-person gatherings you will > > >

  • participate in sacred ceremony and ritual honoring and healing feminine trauma and reclaiming your power

  • learn how to live an intuitive life, listening to the whispers of Spirit, your higher self & nature

  • experience powerful on the body stone treatments with the purpose of activating the light codes within

  • create potent spirit guided medicines in the field

  • integrate plant and stone teachings

  • and receive mystical channeled transmissions that come through me only in the flow of teaching live


The program begins with the opening of the online portal on the Dark Moon, March 24th, 2020, where you will have access to the online material to begin your self-study explorations.

Our first virtual gathering will be on Monday, April 6th, with the first in-person gathering on the weekend of May 2nd & 3rd, timed to celebrate the sacred festival of Beltane.

Following virtual gatherings are on the first Monday of every month. The other two weekend gatherings are August 29th & 30th and November 14th &15th.


(includes access to the Earth Woman Medicine Journey online program, sacred medicine bundles, tarot reading and all medicine materials needed for our in-person gatherings)

COST : : $1100


Payment Plan Options : 3 payments of $333 due by each in-person gathering + initial deposit of $222. after you make your deposit below to claim your space, please contact me directly to arrange payment plan agreement.


Work Trade Option : 1 full work trade and 1 partial work trade are available. $222 deposit is still required to insure commitment. Inquire through email for more details.

Work Trade


There is one scholarship available for a low-income woman. Priority will go to a woman of color or single mother. The scholarship is for a woman who is passionate about their self-healing journey and the healing of the earth. If you would like to apply for the scholarship position, please email me and share you story, your hopes, your dreams and desires, and your struggles, obstacles and challenges. I hope to be able to provide more scholarship spaces in the future as funding expands.


The Earth Woman Medicine Apprenticeship Program is my whole hearts expression of my service to all beings on earth to guide, support and initiate the earths full transformation into a place of beauty, wonder and harmony once again. I am honored to be in service to the earth, her creatures, and all the women who resonate and receive my medicine.

I am happy to answer any questions you may have! Please email me to inquire further about the Serpentine Earth Medicine Apprenticeship.

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About ME, the Creatress ~

My name is AnnA featherweaver. I am my own teacher, my own magic, my own healer and my own guide. I have been playing with the earth’s medicine since I was a child, and consciously studying and practicing intimate relationship with the earth’s medicine for over 15 years. Through much trial and error, and putting into practice what I have studied in books, what I have learned from others, and most importantly, what I have observed in myself and the natural world, I have awakened to my own precious medicine gifts.

Intuitively guided, I live my life devoted to the path of the feminine, assisting in the activation, balancing and harmonizing of the earth’s dual energies to co-create a beautiful world for my children and future generations. I believe that each one of us has precious medicine within that only needs to be activated, and then can joyously be shared in service to other human beings, the earth and her creatures.

On my journey to awakening my medicine, I have fallen into the underworld, into the darkness, experiencing the depths of depression, the loneliness of separation and the terror of deteriorating health. Years of doubting my intuitive abilities combined with a fierce determination to believe in myself has led me to find clarity within the mystery of the world. I am excited to share the teachings I have learned on my journey to help you activate the power of your intuitive gifts, your medicine.

I do hope you join me. As the earth needs your medicine now!


Testimonials : / :

Learning the wisdom of the medicine of the earth with Anna has been a journey filled with magic and self-exploration.  I stepped into the apprenticeship desiring a reconnection with the world of plants and stones. What Anna shared with us was so much more.  The world of crystals and plants is alive within all of us, and they are our allies in the inward journey of reclaiming our divine feminine power so that we can rise up and take better care of ourselves, our community, and the world. ~ Sara

Not long ago, I moved to the Appalachian mountains specifically to reconnect with Mother Nature and my own. I didn’t know anyone but craved to be around women who are also connected to nature and themselves and can hold space for their own feelings and emotions along with others. I yearned to circle with other women who were talking about the things that mattered to me like our precious earth, the stars, our divine feminine connection, source, energy, plant medicine, and magic. I was led to Anna by talking with some locals and they shared with me that she makes plant medicine and is an adept healer. Lucky for me, we met one day at an event. She was selling her medicines and we got to talking about life and death and grief and I knew she was someone I wanted to learn from and with.  Being a part of her Earth Woman Medicine Apprenticeship has been medicine for my whole body, mind, and soul. I’ve connected with other women on the path. We’ve developed relationships with plants and stones and learned how to utilize them for our health and how to care for them for our Mother Earth. Our time together learning and growing as been a delight. ~ Morgan