( ( What is an Elixir? ) )

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Vibrational elixirs invite us to experience a multitude of earth elements & cosmic frequencies, that already exist inside of each of us, but have been forgotten.....

Vibrational elixirs are energetic medicines. In the creation of a vibrational elixir the frequencies of the plants, stones, and the earth elementals, along with astral energies & spirit essences are transmitted and held in the molecular structure of water. The frequency in the water is then transmitted into the energetic systems of the body when taken internally or contacted with the body externally. 

Water is an invaluable healer in itself, refreshing, replenishing, and nourishing. Water is also a sacred medium for transference of vibrational energies. All things hold a certain vibrational frequency, our own bodies included.

With a vibrational elixir, we can transform our own vibration through the internal ingestion, or external contact of another entities vibration. When contact is made, the vibrations are matched, synched in harmony together.

When you use a vibrational elixir, the cells in the body, the feeling in the nervous system, and the thoughts in our brain are touched by the elixirs specific frequency, and our previous vibration is altered, adjusted, and aligned to the new vibration held in the water.   

Changing our frequency opens our consciousness to new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. Vibrational elixirs do not "fix" our problems. We do not need fixing. Instead, vibrational elixirs awaken us, expanding our consciousness to understand situations and patterns in our life in a new way, so that we can begin to discover the infinite layers of who we really are.

By awakening you to the source of an issue you are experiencing in your life, vibrational elixirs allow you a glimpse, a taste, of a vibration that is different than the one you are currently in, allowing new information to be revealed that maybe was previously hidden in your unconscious. Unveiling these hidden aspects of Self invites the process of integration of the new found aspects into your new reality of being, healing into wholeness. 

vibrational elixirs can assist you with:

* reprogramming stuck habits, thoughts & emotions *

* understanding the root of physical, mental, and emotional challenges *

* manifesting your desires * integrating all aspects of Self, light & dark *

* communication with the realm of magic & mystery * 

* healing old traumas and ancestral wounds * journeying into the source of all things *

* quantum leaping into a new reality * instantaneous transformation at a cellular level *

* light code activation * DNA downloads/consiousness shifts & upgrades *

* awakening to your divine purpose *

How to use a vibrational elixir:

place a specific number of drops into a glass of water, cup of tea, or directly into your mouth. choose any number of drops you wish, even one drop will powerfully effect the body, soul & spirit, as the light codes stored in the water molecules will light up every cell in your body activating expanded consciousness!

vibrational elixirs can be used in so many creative, fun & healing ways! put a few drops into a bath, add to aura room sprays, cleaning supplies, lotions, or herbal tinctures. rub on acupressure points, mix with essential oils, anoint your altar space.... 

there are so many layers to who we are, multitudes upon multitudes. the journey to healing is never over, as we are always evolving. remember, the journey is the treasure!

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